Thursday, December 20, 2007

List --- 20 (only good things) on this (only happens once) 20th day of December:

1. I got a happy note from a reader today.
2. I looooove those.
3. I used my new lens professionally for the first time yesterday
4. It was to take pictures of our new university president.
5. The lens is a beaut.
6. We're having our office Christmas party today.
7. I put my name down for chicken fried steak with gravy.
8. Mmmmmm.
9. Speaking of food, I still have some grapefruit left over from the stash Mom and Dad sent home with me.
10. With the amount of vitamin C I've ingested this week, I won't get sick until Easter.
11. I read the last chapter in a book I'm trying to finish
12. And I don't feel guilty at all :)
13. Get to see my family this weekend.
14. We'll play bingo.
15. With dollar-store prizes.
16. I think ours is one of the best family traditions ever.
17. I get to wear jeans tomorrow.
18. That means open-toe shoes too. Oh, boy.
19. I finished some crafty stuff last night. I'll post soon.
20. With my new sewing matching, the crafting possibilities are endless.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

There are probably hundreds of post-it notes and loose notebook pages floating around my apartment, car, purse, stuck between pages of a book I never finished, stapled in my planner, in journals I've tried to theme. Flying around are things I want to do, descriptions of my day, ideas that I find important, quotes, song titles, activities.

I need to gather them all together and start doing them.

Matagorda Island?

yes, please.

Go backpacking, kayak, freelance, learn Spanish, practice piano, write letters...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I really like paint... and glitter.