Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Last night I was on full Caleb duty while Chris was at VBS.

It was time for his nap, so I swaddled him up and settled into the rocking chair for a little sway therapy.

I offered his pacifer and he took it, sucking vigiously... untill I started singing to him. He stopped sucking, causing his pacifer to fall out of his mouth. Opened his eyes to stare into mine. And gave me the biggest gummy smile he's ever given. (this picture is of when his dad came home from youth camp... but it was a sleepy version of this. :-) )

I like this boy.

Monday, July 16, 2012

New favorite song.

Aah. What is about a ukulele (and mandolin and banjo) that gets me? Every time.

This is the third Monday that I've been back to work. The muffin is at his Nana's house, and I'm on lunch.

Chris and I have a lunchmunch date since he'll be out all evening for VBS. But first... because this song is on my Pandora, and Sally-the-yellow-lovie is being adorable lying on her back in the backyard's clover, and I can see my husband reading on the back porch... I wanted to write something.

Something that records my gratefulness.

Something that will remind me later, when I realize how dirty my house is, how Caleb won't nap, when I realize I'm out of diapers and all the bottles need washing...

I've got it good. Really really good.

And I'm grateful.

For grace that pardons all my sins.

For grace that far extends my sin and my guilt.

For God's grace that is freely bestowed.

Because not only does that grace pardon and cleanse within, it has given me new eyes and a new heart. New features that (although I fail at seeing it sometimes) can recognize the beauty that God has put all around me.