Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am 25.

You may call me that, if you'd like.

Hi, 25.

Before you can call me 26, there are a few things I'd like to see happen...

A list, actually.

I've put a lot of thought into this.

Here we go.

1. run a real stinkin' marathon.
2. buy an extra set of bed sheets
3. make a photo calendar
4. create a sewing station
5. move iTunes over from old computer to new computer
6. organize said iTunes
7. organize my writing clips in both print and digital formats
8. clean out the garage (it hasn't gotten that bad, but I don't want it to, either)
9. create a crafting area (that's the stuff in boxes in the garage)
10. decorate for Christmas
11. hike up to Machu Picchu
12 be able to do 10 pull ups
13. make one room in the house homey
14. play in every park in CS
15. empty my inbox
16. learn that everything has its place
17. cook with recipes more
18. get my lawn (somewhat) back under control
19. become a better writer
20. paint house

That's it.
That's my list of things I'd like to accomplish by 26.

Most are not written in proper goal format. They are vague and untrackable... but I like the list anyway.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

There's a constant tap tappity tap tap of rain on my window.
Makes me want to get all snuggley in pajamas, wrap up in a blanket and... learn about raindrops!


Raindrop Shapes
Q: You see on cartoons that raindrops usually appear like a teardrop. Are they really shaped that way?

A: Not really, says Brent McRoberts of Texas A&M University. The common appearance of raindrops being shaped like a big tear is not very accurate, he notes. "Literature has frequently told us that raindrops are often tears from above, and thus are shaped like a teardrop. But that's not the case. The shape of a raindrop depends on its size. Small raindrops are actually spherical in shape and they take on different shapes as they fall to the ground. The larger ones are often compared to the shape of a hamburger bun. This is caused by air resistance on the drop as it falls to earth."

Q: Are larger raindrops shaped the same?

A: Large raindrops often split in two because of their size, McRoberts adds. "When a raindrop gets to be large, it assumes a shape that is similar to a small parachute, with a larger area around its base," he explains. "When this happens, the raindrop is so large that it splits into several smaller drops. A larger raindrop naturally falls to earth faster than a smaller one, but it still takes a while. For example, a large raindrop that fell from a cloud at 5,000 feet would take about three minutes to reach you on the ground. Some raindrops can actually be different colors because of sand or other materials that collect in them."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen-- Today is a day that should be lived with much rejoicing.
It is a day where one and all should drink McCalister's tea 1/2 sweet and 1/2 regular.
Today is a day when songs should be sung loud and in tune.
Today is a happy day.
Today is March 11.

Kat and I celebrated.

And sang :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

My sweet Lauren-girl got married two weekends ago :)
This is her:

Isn't she pretty?

This is where she got her new last name:

Let me tell you how I met both of them.

Lauren moved to Tyler, oh, man... I can't quite remember. She was the girl who knew what she was doing. That totally wasn't me when I first started at the paper. I was drawn by her confidence... and soon after, her love for the Father. Lauren liked to eat her lunch outside, down on the town square. Soon, I started going with her. The rest is sweet sweet history :)

The first time we really hung out out of work was at the lake. We sunned and swam on the dock of her church's lake front campsite area. We shared our faith and talked about family and friends.

Swimming in Lake Palestine is when I was first learned of Mr. Fink, too. It's where I first met all of Lauren's friends through her stories. Lauren is a good story teller.

I was able to meet Andrew in person before they got married. Lauren brought him to one of our Buffalo half-way visits. But, two weekends ago was when I met all her other friends. It was a little out of body, because... I knew these people. I knew them all through her stories, but had never actually met them.

Seeing Lauren and Andrew get married, surrounded by all these people who love them was a crazy awesome reminder of the big gifts God gives.

You know?

All of it... all of it, from our friendship, to learning of Andrew, to learning of all her friends, started at the lake. It started at the lake, and it came to completion two weekends ago at her wedding. Kind of completion :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Don't be surprised if next time you come to the Ravenwood house, this is up in the living room... idea and pictures from http://www.domestic-construction.com/

Isn't is so much fun?
What kind of string do you think I should use?

Friday, March 6, 2009

A sweet little bird sat singing on my budding wisteria yesterday morning.
Spring is coming!

Oh, how I love spring!
Easter is my very favorite day out of the 365 we get every year... and every day until then is a beautiful reminder of rebirth and clean beginnings and fresh lives!

With the start at our fingertips, here are 10 things to love about spring:

replacing the crunchy plants in the garden with happy spring flowers
bright green, brand-new grass tuffs
the first pretty little spring flowers poking out of the dirt
bird songs
open windows
twirly skirts
bare feet
cow/calf pairs

oh, wait! But there's more!

car windows rolled down
garden vegetables
not being cold
playing outside
spring cleaning


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Favorite story of the day...

from csmonitor.com

As the cashier rang up my total, a fellow in boots, jeans, and a sweatshirt walked up behind me at the checkout carrying a single item – a vase of red roses and ferny greens. I couldn't help noticing the $25 price tag and wondering about his generous impulse. Did he have a new relationship to nourish? An old one to shore up after a falling out? Were pricey cut flowers likely to do the trick?

I don't make a habit of pondering about the lives of strangers, but the image of this burly workingman and the delicate vase worth more than my groceries for the next few days triggered a smile and a moment of private musing as I reached in my pocket for the $20 bill and four cents I needed. The little bouquet seemed so incongruous against his plain work clothes, so extravagant given the economic stringencies affecting most of us in grocery lines of late.

I was pulled back to my pocket search as I fumbled for some change clearly not there. Reluctantly I pulled out my other $20 bill to cover the four cents. This was not missed on the gent with the flowers.

"Here you go, I've got four cents," he offered, opening his palm to the cashier.

Touched, I thanked him effusively, adding with a nod to the vase, "You're obviously a very nice guy."

"I try to be" he said with a sigh, hinting at the possibility the roses were a kind of rueful atonement. "It doesn't always work."

"Oh, it will. Over time, things always come around," I assured this perfect stranger. I thanked him once more as I left, buoyed by the gesture that left my last $20 intact for another day. He may have stretched his resources for a sweetheart, but he'd made my day for a mere four cents. He probably didn't even need those roses.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Brother and I ran a local 5K on Friday. It was a night run… with glow sticks. Yesssssssssss. He’s way faster than me but slowed so we could stay together. Nice boy. I like group runs. They are my favorite.
Saturday morning, LinsMet came by and we left for a weekend in San Marcos!

But first, some wheatgrass.

LinsMet and I drove. LinsMet and I talked. LinsMet and I planned future Google searches.

LinsMet arrived in San Marcos, home of KatMaHa!


After some queso, breakfast tacos and tortillas, we rented SUNDAY SCHOOL MUSICAL. Sadly, what could have been the best movie of the month, was in actuality, the worst.

What in GGE?

Moving seamlessly into the next activity, the three of us went to Austin where we went shopping at Anthropology! Kat and I bought each other aprons :) Then we went to pick up Tam and Kat’s cousin, Dane! The four of us paraded around Whole Foods (A) looking for free samples (B) in shock of all the deliciousness (C) drinking juice (wheatgrass for Kat and Dane, carrot/celery/jalapenos/bell pepper/cilantro for me) (D) planning what we would eat if we weren’t going out for dinner.

To dinner! We ate at Magnolias where Seth Caron joined up for a few bites of leftovers and a trek up a mountain with stairs. Once up there, Kat, Dane and Seth climbed up on a structure to see a better view. The wind was blowing. We were worried someone might die.

But no one did, and we left with the memories of beautiful lights and shady people.


There were thousands of kites… thousands of them. Most wavering within feet of the ground, the colors and strings, and folks commandeering them all mixed together.

Super duper fun.

We couldn’t always get the kite up, but Kat’s a pro.

I love San Marcos.