Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Megan and Bug got married :)

Everyone was happy.

Even the baby.


bekah said...


How are you?

I have not forgotten you!
How is life?

What are your summer plans?

My job has been CRAZY. I have almost lost it/quit several times this week. My student is in juve. But the Lord is completely at rest and in control.

I will be in town ALL summer and if you are here, please call me to hang out.

let me know if I can pray for you!

<3 Bekah

deep&blue said...

Sung to the tune of the neverending song...

Yes, I love my Steph's comments
They make my day I'll say, my friends!
I get an e-mail saying there's a new one here today...
So I will get up off my rear and read it right away!