Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let me tell you where I am, my story, where I'm coming from, my deal-ie-o...

I'm exhausted. :)

It all started three weeks ago with the celebration of Tamara's and Katherine's birthdays in San Marcos.

The weekend was so much fun. I don't even know how to write about it. It was way cooler than a quick story can make it.

Bullets have always been my friend. Now the bullet can be your friend, too.

Everybody, meet "*."
"*" ... here's everybody.

* I took Friday off from work, so I got to see Katherine on her actual 25th birthday. Tamara was celebrating in Lubbock and would fly into Austin the next morning. We'll get to that soon. I changed from my work clothes in the car and only stopped once... and that was because I thought one of my tires was low. It was. I filled it up. No harm. No foul. Can I get a clap for my promptness?

* When I got to San Marcos, Kat and I went to have Vietnamese food. Delicious. Stinking delicious. My fortune cookie was something true... though I can't remember now what it said.

* We got a call at dinner that Kat's roommates were ready for us. You see, she and her girls meet Thursdays at the river to visit and pray for each other. I went with. It was a really great time to hear what's going on in their lives and pray together with truth and confidence. Cool.

* After that, we switched into some jeans and sweaters (OKOK, I'm the only sweater wearer :) )to head to Austin with some of Katherine's friends for some country western dancing. I borrowed some boots. Way way fun times.

* But, we didn't get back and go to bed until 2 or 3 a.m.

* We were to leave at 7:30 a.m. Friday to pick up Tam at the airport, but... sorry Tam... we overslept. We woke with a start about 15 min. before Tam was to land and ran to the car. ZoomZoom. Tamara is a nice girl, though and was not mad. She could have bopped us on the nose, but instead took us to her favorite taco stand--DELICIOUS--and then to a fun coffee shop--MY COFFEE TASTED LIKE HONEY NUT CHEERIOS--and then to the Texas State Capitol. We ate our grub on the grounds, and had many photo oops. (the camera accidentally went home with her mom, so we're a little short on images right now)

* We went on a self-guided *slash* tour-guided gaunt through the capitol, looking at Texas Senators' children, climbing the stairs, reliving Girls State for T and K. And then with Katherine singing background music and me giving a speech about unity as a country, Tamara (Kat and I helped a little, hehehehe) did a puzzle of America on floor. Oh, good memory.

* We were in Austin... I'm sure you're aware of the law mandating a trip Anthropology, Urban Outfitters and Whole Foods when in Austin. Tam got these truffles that... wooo wee doggy... slowed my breathing. Seriously amazing.

* At this point, we were getting very tired. Tam hadn't had much sleep either, so we went home to San Marcos... and slept hard.

* Until it was time to wake up and get ready to go to the Griss Mill and Greune Hall with some of Tam and Kat's friends. Their momma met us there. We ate delicious food. Listened to good music. Gawked at Jane's college roommate's fancy car, and then went home again to stay up late eating birthday cake and telling baby stories of Tam and Kat.

* Saturday morning, we woke up llllllllllate, to have a glorious breakfast made by the breakfast team of Tam, Kat, Kelsey and Scott. We played at home for the rest of the day. PUMP UP THE JAM, yesssssssssss.

* ... until it was time to go to the Brad Paisley and Jewel concert!!! We had free great seats thanks to Meg-a-moo and Justin Boots. Jewel was THISSSSSS GOOOOOOD! Brad was SO GREAT! Ah, I loved it.

* Sunday, we took Tam back to the airport. Waved a sad goodbye and went back to San Marcos to sleep a few more hours before church. After a great service, we went to lunch with Kat's friends Carrie and Jon. Mexican food and tortilla soup. Yum.

* Then I went home to College Station.

So, that's the story of three weeks ago.
No sleep.
So much fun.
So tired.
Soooo worth it.

Next up... the tale of Halloween weekend.

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