Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yesterday was our quarterly all-staff meeting. Our department was awarded Starbucks cards for working so hard on our snazzy new publication

Woo Wooooo!

Krista and I went on a little run to redeem the worth-nothin' piece of plastic for something really useful... coffee :)

I ordered the pumpkin spice latte because (A) it's November 13 (B) it tastes and smells like Thanksgiving (C) I like all of those things.

After asking Krista to take a whiff of my seasonal favorite, she said " it smells like pumpkins and love."

Mmmm. Agreed, K.S. Make mine...

Thank you.


Brittney said...

Hey Steph - Starbucks sounds AWESOME right about now :)

Just letting you know that I changed my blog name (same blog - different name)

Hope you're doing well... I AM SO READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS :)

robin said...

aaah, so cute. :)
i like the visual.
drink a pumpkin spice latte for me, dear! i miss them.

robin said...

and YOU!

tamara said...

yum yum pumpkins and love = happy people

Kat said...

wow that link was amazing!! well done steph... and others... so high tech and futuristic!!

tamara said...

that chicks whoop was so weak.

deepnblue said...

Perf shot, my friend. I have envy. I am green.