Friday, January 30, 2009

This morning...

We have picnics every week. We thought for sure this week we'd have to eat inside. Too cold. Too icy. Too much.

This is us at noon.

The sun was shining.

The weather, warm.

It happens every week. Our lunch days are always sunny.

knock on wood.



Brittney said...

#1 - your lunch from the other day (below this) looks very yummy :)

#2 - thanks for voting for me :)

#3 - I remember ALL of those things. The rubber cement. I think we put an actually POT in a microwave to cook macaroni (what were we thinking). I remember the upside down mouths. And, of course... the song :) (glad I could trigger you - with the glasses/braces)

#4 - I LOVE that song - "A Page is Turned" and that is a super cute idea... I'll have to tell Derik. My Matron of Honor actually had that song played during her wedding a few years ago :0

...wheew... but, that was fun :) thanks for all the comments - you go girl!

robin said...

aw,hello tim brown!
will you pass it on?
hello stephanie jeter!
can you pass that on, too?