Friday, April 3, 2009

Ms. Cowart-- look at this...

found on Molly Irwin's blog who found it on

It makes me want to dance and paint at the same time.
Last year about this time I got into painting with watercolors. I never got good at it, but... painting, even though standing still or sitting, feels like movement.

Weird, sha. But true.

Ah, it's time to move!!!


Brittney said...

I saw this the other day! i just love it! :)

tamara said...

i like it...i want to go on a bike ride and be inspired

robin said...

ai caramba
youtube doesn't work where i am at the moment
not quite sure why...
oh chinachina.
i will get back to you
after i am able to watch
and love this one :)

Brittney said...

thanks Steph! It's exciting... and I'll be seeing you soon :)