Friday, May 29, 2009

I like to run.
I like it a whole whole bunch.

because of the fireflies, the bunny rabbits, the orange and red sunset, and the sound frogs make at nighttime.


Kendra said...

I received your photos in the mail, Ms. Jeter. I'm pretty sure you are the most thoughtful person in the world!

Kat said...

and the taste of buggy goodness as the legs and wings make their way down your esophagus to your stomach...mmmmm

steph-a-ronie said...

Yeah... mmmmmmm buggy goodness :) :) :)

don't eat me don't eat me... yumyum

Brittney said...

Hey girl!! I hope to post a blog entry in a few days... just getting my thoughts together but -
Two things--
1. Thank you (oh thank you) for COMING to the wedding. I was so glad you could come - it's been too long... also glad to see you caught up with some people :) Too funny (and sweet) that your dad teared up - and no, I won't tell :)
2. You are too sweet - thanks for the compliments. That's what I was going for... classically lovely :) Derik read your post and agrees on your comment - "You were (and are) seriously (seriously) good looking :) :)"