Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekends, I love the weekends!

In between some of the bigger happenings like kayaking Lake Bryan and a failed attempt at a half-marathon, were some really sweet times.

Like... grabbing supper from HEB and watching The Office at my office. Like, CC asking me to marry him (a second time) under the Century Tree. Like a sighting of first flower of spring at Lake Bryan. Like sushi and sandwiches overlooking the water. Like exploring the peninsula on the lake and getting attacked by ants (this means spring is coming!). Like introducing CC officially as my fiancé for the first, second and third times. Like sunburns and a "working date" at the coffee shop. Like how on the water, we decided to be a camping, biking, kayaking and hiking family. Like... like, well, the whole weekend was nice.

But, about that failed half-marathon... Want to hear a story of the Lord's protection? Neither one of us were taking this thing seriously. Chris was injured. I hadn't been running, but we decided to do it anyway. Not the smartest.

The run started at 7 a.m. at a park just down from my house. I was picked up and we were gone by 6:30 knowing we'd be there by 6:35. No worries, right? Wrong. All the entrances but one were blocked and we were rerouted to Hwy 6 to idle at the end of a line that stretched to the movie theater. Cars were also sitting on the highway's exit ramp trying to get over in our lane.

We were not moving.

When the race started we were actually a little farther away from the park than we would have been standing in my front yard. At that point, it was just too late.

So, we left the line and went on our own run... to Shipley's (hahahahahahahahahahaha) for a cup of coffee. Really, it was good that we didn't make the starting gun. What with CC's injury and my lack of training. The Lord knew how stupid we were being. Had we not been denied entry, we were totally about run 13.1 miles. So dumb.

Next time, run. We'll get you next time.

I sure like weekends.
They're fun. :-)


Brittney said...

excuse me miss :) are you engaged!? congratulations girl!

Kat said...

good pics lady!

Kendra said...

Upon first glance, I thought his shirt said "Engaged" and I was like "SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!"

But it's still pee-in-your-pants exciting!

steph-a-ronie said...

We are, Britt! As of a few weekends ago :-)

robertinha said...

amei o blog