Friday, November 30, 2007

HI-YA! chop.

Had coffee with two friends last night. Though I ordered decaf, I'm pretty sure I got the real stuff--- and was chemically transformed into a Christmas elf. I was (high-pitch) WIRED! The neighbors were playing Guitar Hero really loud, but it didn't matter... I was crafting until past midnight.

I made cookies, wrapped a pretty pretty present, made a advent calendar, decorated tins for granola and pecans AND cleaned up after it all.

I'll have to download the photos; I can't wait to show you it all!

Before coffee, I headed back to the gym. I took a break from running (knees) and did some cycling. I know that's not the best for a recovering knee either, but it's better than the impact of running -- and it's whoa intense.

Those cycling people are crazy! I haven't been so pushed to the brink in... I don't know how long.

Try it someday.

You'll cry... oh wait... that's sweat. My bad.

P.S.-- this is what my family and I will be doing this weekend (plus Bingo). It's the Hardin family Thanksgiving!

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