Friday, February 1, 2008

Hey... guess what?

My run is two weeks!


Oh yes!

I've been running at the gym --- I stopped going to my beloved classes and have been hitting the treadmill.

It's probably quite annoying, but I really like talking to my neighbors on the hamster wheel. It's corny, but I'm still hoping I can make friends there.

I'm people-hungry. Making "friends" is easy... making a friend? Much harder. I had to fill out emergency information for this Bible study I'm in, when I realized something. Pen in hand, blank piece of paper, my mind was equally as blank. Who did I know in town that knew I was allergic to morphine? Who did I know that wouldn't be surprised they were being contacted if I were hit by a bus in the parking lot?

The people I know are kind... they would come see me in the hospital, but I want someone I can go eat pie with.

Yes... pie.

There's this really sweet sandwich shop in town that has a special pie each weekday. I want to go check it out. I want to run in the park with a friend. I want to know someone in town with whom I can wear sweatpants and watch a movie. I want to have a themed dinner night like we did in college. My personal favorite: the John Wayne inspired "Howdy Pilgrim-Pumpkin soup." We wore overalls and cowboy plaid.

And then drank tea out of proper tea cups.



It’s my fault. I so value my private time. I looove being at home and having free reign to create. Like, today at lunch, I went home and painted watercolor. Last weekend, I was sick and stayed inside during the two-day stretch. I made an apron, created invitation templates for a few par-tay-ies I’m part of, and made a journal.

Instead of sharing my time with others… I make journals.

Yeah. Good trade, sj.

I’m an idiot and really quite selfish.

Just finished Matthew 14. The short of the long of it is John the Baptist was beheaded as payment for some sort of Biblical strip tease King Herod got from his step daughter. When Jesus heard the news, he set to peace out and mourn his homie. But, the crowds just wouldn’t stop.

When the crowds saw Jesus out on a boat, they followed him by land. They were there even before Jesus stepped on shore. He could have been like, “Look, fools… hit the road. I need some time alone.” But did He? Nope. Jesus healed their sick and taught.

And when the clock was close to dinner time, and the disciples saw it as an excuse to dismiss their unwanted guests...

“Hey, Jesus. It’s late and all… and since I care about these people (*ahem, myself*) why don’t we send these folks packin’. They need to get some grub,” the disciples said.

But what did Jesus say?

“They don’t need to go away. You feed them.”

“Whaaaa?” The disciples said confused. “All we have is a few loaves of bread and some smelly ole’ fish. Do you really think that’s going to feed a RSVP of thousands?”

John’s version of this story says Jesus asked Phillip what they could feed, and to bring the food to Him. Jesus blessed the food, sat the people down in groups, and… well, he fed them. And they ate. And they were full.

The point is, the disciples came to Jesus with a problem… “They’re hungry, Jesus. Send ‘em on so someone else can feed them.” Kind of like my prayers. “They need help, Lord. Bring someone in their life that can help them. Amen.”

But what did Jesus say? He said what’do’ya’have, there ole’ Phillip ole’ pal? Some fish and bread? OK… give it to me. Just watch what I can do with what you have.

What do I have, ole’ Stephie ’ole pal? Well, I have my superfluous free time. I wonder what God would do if I gave them to Him?

I realllly hope it doesn’t have anything to do with fish. :)


robin said...

i do like the slj version of that story.
is must be heaven the place in particular you speak of? they have gooood pie. :)
i like your heart, it challenges me.

steph-a-ronie said...

pie :)

hi, sweet Rob. I am oh so glad you're blogging again!

Lindsay Christine said...

stephanie...I feel ya chica. I enjoy you just about every moment I think about you :-)

Kat said...

heyguesswhat... we are going to eatpie and roll down a hill this weekend...and drink out of waysuperfancy tea cups