Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wanna know something interesting that I'm realizing?

It starts with a story.

During Christmas time, a friend of mine was saying he didn't feel like it was Christmas without a tree-- and something inside me sparked. He's my friend, and I like to see him happy and encouraged. So, got a little fake one and a few colorful balls, and set out to play elf.

I was pumped to fulfill this "need" (or whatever the right word is in this instance) in his life. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt like it was a stupid idea... Like the recipient would roll his eyes at me, call me weird, or wonder if I was going out of my way for another reason besides wanting him to know he's cared for.

So, I didn't do it.
The tree is still in my closet.

The same thing happened today. A coworker of mine is seriously stressed out. I wanted to do something nice, but that same apprehensive feeling settled over my heart again.

"I don't even really know this person. What are you doing? What's your reasoning... is it clear to others? What will the person think?"

This happens all the time. It sounds weird, but I think my hesitation to do walk the bridge between "who cares" and "I care" is the devil trying to wiggle into those sacred places in my heart.

I don't do nice things so others will like me. (Well, I kind of do, but I hope I know myself enough to say that) I do them to give Jesus props. I want to love people because that's what Jesus followers do. We're to love, encourage, forgive, support and pray for the peeps around us.

Really, encouragement is something I like to do. I don't think I enjoy it because life taught me how to coexist. I think I enjoy it because it's something God has shaped out of my former life for Him, for His glory.

This is probably more of a personal lesson more than anything else.

So, here's something for your entertainment:

Don't know why this makes me laugh so much.

So, I guess that was solely for me too :)

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