Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Baby love. My baby love"
Cake for JQ's baby shower :)


tamara said...

lovely. glad you took a picture of it!

robin said...

who is JQ? and SQ and EQ? first name? first and last?
i like the butterflies :)
did you make?

deepnblue said...

Did you make this?! How?! HOW?!

steph-a-ronie said...

I did make it! :)

Welllll, I don't have an awful lot of talent, so it's box cake mix cooked in round pans. Each box made two rounds, so with three boxes, you have six layers.

You connect the layers with chocolate icing (yum), ice the thing with chocolate (chocolate mixed with vanilla for the top), pipe squiggly bark on the side and tree rings on the top!


The butterflies are from Hobby Lobby. And the initials are the mom and dad, big sister and new baby.

I had some gingersnaps around, so I crunched 'em up to look like dirt.

It was really heavy :)