Monday, March 9, 2009

My sweet Lauren-girl got married two weekends ago :)
This is her:

Isn't she pretty?

This is where she got her new last name:

Let me tell you how I met both of them.

Lauren moved to Tyler, oh, man... I can't quite remember. She was the girl who knew what she was doing. That totally wasn't me when I first started at the paper. I was drawn by her confidence... and soon after, her love for the Father. Lauren liked to eat her lunch outside, down on the town square. Soon, I started going with her. The rest is sweet sweet history :)

The first time we really hung out out of work was at the lake. We sunned and swam on the dock of her church's lake front campsite area. We shared our faith and talked about family and friends.

Swimming in Lake Palestine is when I was first learned of Mr. Fink, too. It's where I first met all of Lauren's friends through her stories. Lauren is a good story teller.

I was able to meet Andrew in person before they got married. Lauren brought him to one of our Buffalo half-way visits. But, two weekends ago was when I met all her other friends. It was a little out of body, because... I knew these people. I knew them all through her stories, but had never actually met them.

Seeing Lauren and Andrew get married, surrounded by all these people who love them was a crazy awesome reminder of the big gifts God gives.

You know?

All of it... all of it, from our friendship, to learning of Andrew, to learning of all her friends, started at the lake. It started at the lake, and it came to completion two weekends ago at her wedding. Kind of completion :)


Brittney said...

it IS Alan Michael! can you believe it!!!

deepnblue said...

Found this by complete accident and IMMEDIATELY thought of you!