Thursday, February 26, 2009

P.S.-- I listened to this today. It's some kind of wonderful. Anybody want to talk about it?


tamara said...

ah so so good!

robin said...

ah, i wish i could speak so eloquently.
i like that she's searching for a new way to think.
i want to be her friend and read her books. :)
your thoughts, slj?

steph-a-ronie said...

ah, I know Robin!
it's especially hard to speak so clearly about creativity.

i wouldn't even be able to define creativity... or the idea of bringing beauty... it's all very... personal.

BUT, she let the words come out of her mouth, and all were so true.

so true!

a new way to think... now that you say it, that's totally what she's doing! ... that somehow, creativity isn't controlled, or brought about just through practice or time... but circumstance and life play a big part.