Monday, July 20, 2009

Another weekend where I didn't pull out my camera.

DratRats, because so many fun things happened! That means is the perfect time for a... WORD PICTURE :-) :-)


Friday was glorious. I left work at exactly 5 p.m. Yessss. The sun was shining, the sky blue, the traffic nonexistent. Took a jaunt over to Kate's to meet her pa and not be any help in her packing endeavor. :-)

When we arrived 'round 6, her house was near disassembly. Her bookshelf: empty. Her kitchen: near that. That's a mere three days after signing her new lease. From nothing to everything. Amazing. Her uhaul looked like a cramped version of her house with lamps and couches and the coffee table seated so nice like a sitting room :-)

She's a haus, though she tried to pawn off her packing prowess on her father. Accepted: Whitneys are hauses.

We left pretty fast because Anne and Todd were waiting for us over at the McAlister's! YumYum. We had a lovely roommate/beau dinner. The music in there is intoxicating. It's hard to have a conversation because the urge to sing along and dance is declared winner by the be-be-be-be-beat.

Alicia and I tried to watch the Notebook, but quickly figured we were just too tired. To bed, we rested our heads.

Saturday!-- Chris pulled up to the curb around 8 a.m. We had breakfast (new recipe alert! Coconut French Toast-- yum) and we were lazy all day. We attempted to get a paint-by-number kit over at Walmart... but I guess paint-by-numbers are out o' date. These days, all the toys talk or sing or move. They're quite entertaining. We pushed all the buttons :-)

We had lunch, but then he left at around 5, because... Kassi, Janine and I had a reunion planned in Roundtop! Oh, the Shakespeare in Winedale was just outstanding. The actors did an absolutely wonderful job. We laughed and ate pie and laughed and ate pie and laughed... and ate pie :-)

Janine and I played the best car games on the way to Austin. It was probably dangerous for me to be driving with how much I was laughing.

It was a wonderful Saturday.

The next morning, we three went to church and then to Austin Java's for lunch. YumYumYum. Then to Anthropologie and a very neat resale shop.

Back to CS for youth. It was a wonderfulwonderfulwonderful weekend.


Let's do it again.

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