Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm at Sweet Eugene's.
Sitting across from a female/male conversation.
The female is talking a lot more (and a lot louder) than the male.
After about 1 hour of eavesdropping/completing my own work... I'm almost convinced that this girl is conducting an seminar.
About relationships.
And it's so awkward... I can't help but keep listening.

*I know she's been thinking about you a lot, because I'm a girl...and I don't want to freak you out, but all girls think about their wedding day
*just, be careful about... I don't know, what I talked about before. Be careful with her feelings.
*if you go in too fast and then break it off, it just shatters us. It's good to get to know us as friends
*OK, have you paid for her when you go out? (yes)
*OK, that's one way where you can move it back to friends. When you're getting to know one another, the best way to do that is through lunch and coffee
*dating is when you're going out legitimately at night
*sorry, it makes sense in my head. I promise. (she's said this at least three times)

lots about feelings.
lots about hearts.

Tam, you would have had to move by now. You wouldn't have been able to take the awkwardness. No way.

I've seriously got to get back to work.
Curse my fantastic hearing! :-)


tamara said...

haha yeah there is no way i could have handled that!

Kendra said...

This. Is classic.