Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spring is my favorite. Yes, my absolute favorite, but I have a crush on fall.
And today, yes, today… it’s September.
Football games, tailgating, outo'town visitors sleeping on the couch, oranges.yellows.reds.
Big pots of soup. Chicken on the grill. Socks with thickness.
Plans of camping and hiking and fire building and star gazing.
Longer runs. Bigger muscles.
Game nights and parties at 3709.
Weekends filled with purpose and a growing desire toward simplicity.
It’s time to pull out the sewing machine and clean out the closet and open the windows and give the air conditioning a break.
It’s a new season, people!
Welcome, fall. You’re not here yet, but we’ve got our eyes glued to the skies.
For higher, wispier clouds. Earlier sunsets and gusts of sharp air.
You're coming.
I can feel it.


forthatwhichisinfinite said...

i love fall :)
and the way you describe it.

Kat said...

oooh ooh you just made me so excited for fall!!!! i can't wait... my first fall and no school :)