Wednesday, November 18, 2009

“Twelve fallen Aggies — the Spirit of the 12th man. Indeed, it is a link that will bind us together always. For as long as there is a Texas A&M and as long as there are Aggies who cherish one another we will never forget these 12.”


Kendra said...

I was with a co-worker who was there when it happened, and had a friend that was killed. We took a shot of Seagram's 7 in his honor that night.

Terrible shot; awesome memory!

Also: Mike and I will be in College Station Dec. 11/12! I think we're meeting my sister and her fiance for lunch the 12th - but maybe we could eat for a chocolate strawberry tart at Cafe Eccel (if I remember correctly!). :-)

robin said...

come on back, bloggerfriend!
i miss reading about your life :)