Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kate may deny it all she wants. Fall is here.

Therefore, it's time to recap.

2010--it was the summer of…

name changes
life changes
address changes

monday morning drives and sunrises
watching the sky change
watching the fields change
watching the city limit signs change

the accordion fold
invites, address & postage stamps

long strips of frayed fabric
hot glue and patterned paper
bundt cakes--more than a baker’s dozen

boatloads of generosity

mornings, meals & talking of meanings at S. Dexter
the nutrition challenge
picking up coffee, again
the travel mug

seven blue dresses
bird houses and wind chimes
hunting polka dotted mixing bowls and the perfect-shaped ice cream scoop
trips and more trips to Hobby Lobby

finding the prettiest white dress in Waco, on campus, in the world
and wearing it.


the walk down the aisle
the ring on my finger. the ring on his finger.



brittney said...

yay :) I love this post!

deepnblue said...


robin said...

so glad you're writing in your blog again :)
you have a lovely way of seeing life, friend.
your wedding was soGREAT! great, yep. pretty great, just right.
i'm happy
that life is good.