Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Instead of big resolutions this year, I’m making smaller, achievable, monthly goals.
For January, one of those goals was to be a better recorder of moments.
My brain doesn’t hang on to memories very well without prompting. I have to take special care to make a mental note of the smell of the air, the taste of the meal, the smoothness of skin, the sparkle of the eyes. Yet, sometimes there’s just not time to feast on memories. For these moments, I have words.

Yet, even for a tool as fluid and forgiving as written language, I have snubbed words in exchange for disciplines that don’t record memories. Things like washing the dishes, folding the laundry, cleaning out my car. In 2011 I learned that walls don’t talk, so if I want to remember something, I’m responsible for doing the talking.

In January…

-Caleb revealed his true identity as a ninja master. His kicks visibly shake my belly like a bowl full of jelly. Even when he’s not kicking, he’s moving around… even right at this moment. The way he tunnels and moves, I feel like I have a well-established ant farm in my middle.

-Chris and I have done lots of house cleaning and organizing. One: We sold Stephen our second couch and Cuddler, opening up a huge section of our living room. Two: We bought two of these chairs. On the weekend of Stephen’s graduation from State Trooper Academy, Chris and I drove to three different World Markets in the Austin area trying to find these beauties.

The only thing that kept us sane as we were stuck in 5 o’clock Austin traffic was that victory was ours. Aaaaaand, we converted our hall closet into… dum dum dum DUUUUUUUM… our CAMPING CLOSET. Yes. The shelf is full of organized sleeping bags, a water filter and tent stakes. Super exciting.

-Stephen GRADUATED and is now a Texas State Trooper!!!

The graduation was super special. MawMaw and PawPaw where there, as were the Cox family, Neese family, Ashleigh and her mom, and Cody. He looked beyond legit in his uniform. Chris and I have been chanting the Trooper’s cadence around the house since that Thursday--- “I’m A Trooper, Can’t You See. The State Of Texas Belongs To Me….” and “Trooper Trooper, State Police. King Of The Road, So Follow Me…” When they chanted it at the graduation it was the perfect mix of hilarity and inspiration. Follow you? Yes, sir! Stephen worked extremely hard, overcame unseen obstacles and achieved his goal. I am so very proud of him.

-I have been doing lots of research on baby things. Three girlfriends invited me over in January to share their advice and stories about birth. I learned a lot and left feeling both prepared and scared. I also watched my very first “YouTube birth” video. Let me tell you, folks are not shy about posting some pretty graphic images. I’ve read three books and conducted multiple Google searches about crib mattresses, sheets, organic vs. inorganic, plastic vs. glass bottles, and the dozens of reputable cloth diaper sites… I’m feeling a little over informed. Phew.

-That I even have three girlfriends is another big accomplishment achieved in January. Finally! I made friends! This is huge.

-Last weekend, Chris and I signed up for and watched a three-day photography workshop on the web. We’re feeling encouraged, motivated, inspired and broke. :-) Our dream list of photography equipment is going to eat up all our disposable income for a while. :-) Yesterday we bought a disk to help us custom-color correct in the camera and a reflector. This. Is. Bomb. I can’t wait for them to arrive in the mail.

-January was also the month of our second bi-annual Ravenwood Reunion! Alicia rode with us to our Anne-host home in Houston. :-) It was a blast. Lots of late-night talking, delicious food, one long walk in the prettiest part of Houston and an epic double-header of bowling. I can’t wait for our third reunion.

Tomorrow is the first day of February.
Slow down, time.