Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February update time!

Ohhhhhhhhh, February!

Here and gone in a flash.

This month was a showcase of love.

(Sally love going on right here.)

From Valentine's Day to a big ole' lump of baby in my belly, to a friend game night, to Chris and my debut into photo-taking.

(Lump of baby love in my belly above.)

Let's start with Valentine's Day, what do you say?

I say, it was awesome.

V-day was on a driving Tuesday, so I knew I wouldn't be home until around 7ish. Valentine's day is a scary day to go out to eat... Party of two? That'll be a four hour wait. So we like to stay in where it's safe and food is plentiful.

The night before, I started looking at all the wonderful things there were to eat in the world and made a eatin' menu of caramelized onion and goat cheese cornbread, grilled portobello mushrooms, a delicious pear salad, steak and flourless chocolate cake.

Oh my goodness.

It was a big order, but I thought if we cooked it together when I got home, it wouldn't be too bad.


When I got home, everything was prepared... and the dishes were done.

Say what?


And it was deliciousssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

Highlight of my month for sure. Leftover flourless chocolate cake defined this month.

What else happened this month... Yes! Our game night! We invited some peeps over for breakfast-for-dinner and game night. It was a blast and our first friend game night. We've hosted family and entertained overnight guests lots of times, but this was our very first night 'o games. We ate breakfast for dinner. Fun.

Finally, on this wrap up of Feb., Chris and I took a lovely young lady's senior portraits. She's my friend and she's fabulous. Fun fun times.