Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are." Bertolt Brecht.

Big changes swirling around my little hut, and last week, the bottom fell out.

Sept. 28-29
Parents came down for Lake Palestine time. Verdict: Great. We skied, my sweet friend Lauren came out, and Mom and I looked at a used car. I asked for the keys to a $11,000 Rav 4 while dressed in ratty shorts and an over sized T-shirt. I tried to make excuses. "We were at the lake, mister car salesman in a tie."

Don't judge me :)

Well, I must say, I liked the way the little car drove. I liked its leather seats, I liked its mileage, I liked its look.

I liked it so much, I decided I would think about it.

And then I burned my thumb on the car's cigarette lighter.

Monday, Sept. 24:
I go see what the dealership will give me for my '97 Rav 4. They pull out the papers with the dotted line at the bottom, you know, to make it final. But, I was strong. "No signing yet," I told him. Plus, the employee that does the estimates for trade ins is not there.

I work. I write. I have a missed call from the Association of Former Students. The voice asks if I have any other questions about the position, but the clock says it's after 5 p.m. I decide to call them tomorrow.

Tuesday, Sept. 25:
I call.
They offer.
I marvel. Then I question. Then I marvel. Then I question.
"Yes, take it. No, stay."


I go back to the car dealership to get their offer for my Rav. They'll only give $1,000. That's another decision. Will I buy this car?

I tell my soon to be roommate sweet friend, and words of wisdom flow from her mouth. Should wisdom calm you down? It does. I tell my Bible study girls. They pray for me.

It's past midnight when I follow my would-be roommate's advice. She told me to make a list. I map it out. And, wouldn't you know it, the two choices end up equal.

But in my apartment's silence, I'm asked the question... would I regret not taking the position?

Yes. I would regret it.

At the time, that wasn't a good enough answer for me.

Wednesday, Sept. 26:

Called at home about a puppy mill in Upshur County. It was a good distraction, but once it's over, I'm still puzzled about the position. But inside I know what to do. The Lord laid it out so perfect. Way too perfect to explain in my limited language. But perfect doesn't mean it doesn't hurt to say goodbye. I visit with Chapel and her pooch Lucy. Time with her is sweet.

After getting home around 11 p.m., I write my resignation letter. I tell my bosses how wonderful they are and it's true.

On Thursday I sat down in my bosses office and gave them the news. They're kind and wish me well.

I drove to work that day in A NEW CAR!!!

I bought the Rav, now dubbed Beatrice by both me and Lauren. It's a happy silver and I'm happy in it.

Can you tell.

Since then, it's been a whirlwind of activity. Attempting to pack, and then unpack because I need what's already been placed in a cardboard box and taped closed. I've spent more time with friends. I drove to Ft. Worth for Meg-a-moo time.

Nights have been spent away from my messy apartment. They've also been spent away from the track.


I ran a few miles this morning, but it didn't stretch my capabilities. Ohhh, I need to get back on the ball. Tomorrow's a new day. I plan to start mine in running shoes.

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robin said...

you, friend, are quite likeable.
i'm proud of your life.

your puppy mill story --> oh my goodness! how sad.
but very well written :)

beatrice is a beaut.

and i reallyreally like your red shoes!