Friday, October 5, 2007

I'm such a pansy.

I've long paid homage to the morning run. It's quiet, it's empty. It's perfect. I love stretching to the Today Show, and breakfast somehow tastes better after washing off sweat in a cool shower.

But, I don't like to run on the high school track when the cross country or track team is out there. If I get up early enough, I can miss comparing their hare to my turtle.


Morning came too fast for my brain, so I just resigned myself to running on the treadmill. Not even Golden Girls could distract me from how bored I was.That's pretty bad.

One for your weird files: I slept with a tube of frozen hamburger last night. While making a crown for one who shall remain nameless ;), I burnt my middle finger on hot glue.

Curse you little yellow pompom :)

I stuck my head in the freezer looking for another ice pack. Frozen peas, no. Salmon... ehhh. Day old bread? too mushy.

The light flickered, and there it was. A rock solid tube of beef. Not perfect, but good enough. It allowed me to sleep and wouldn't ruin over night.


It was still partly frozen this morning and I put it straight into the fridge.

Not rancid.


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