Monday, March 10, 2008

One of my favorite memories of my two sister-girl cousins is the mental image of them dancing around to the soundtrack of Chicken Little.

Quiz one: What song is a given on a movie about chickens?
Answer: Shake a Tail Feather.

I can still see them. They were halfway-wee bitty, probably around age 9, and we were in the older girl's bedroom. She had this ladder to get up to her top bunk, and the younger one used it as a performance prop. Standing with one foot on the middle rung, shook her tail feather. The older one turned on the disco ball lamp and, on two legs, shook her tail feather. With the overhead light turned off, disco ball flashing and some sort of holiday string of lights filling the darkness, they both shook their tail feathers.

It was sweet.

Also sweet, meeting my Lauren friend at the half-way point between T-town and CS. Our plan was to drive toward each other... and stop in which ever town our roads met.

Turned out to be Buffalo.

There's not a lot to rock in Buffalo. We encountered very clean restrooms, a Dickey's bbq restaurant, and a park. We flew on the swings, teetered on the teeter totter, got dizzy on the merry-go-round, and broke the barrier of sound on the slide.

Quiz two: Why aren't teeter totters found in "today's" playgrounds?
Answer: Because people fall off of them and hurt their bums.

I think my rear is going to turn purple.

Shaking a tail feather would be very painful right now.


robin said...

aaah i LOVE the pictures!
you make me happy, friend :)

deep&blue said...

Ok, these? Wonderful. Wonderful! When you're in Denver, we are looking for a park. And using my camera. And copy cating.