Tuesday, March 11, 2008

(photo stolen from her sister's facebook :) )

Today is Robin's birthday. Today, on this wonderful 11th (Robin's favorite number) day of spring time March, Robin was born.

Growing up in the wonderful town of Muleshoe, TX, Robin learned the joys of family, ranching and the wittism of a cleverly named mule early. The oldest sister of four siblings, Robin has a sensitive nose-- she likes Pine-Sol, detests Raid. She loves Africa, reading books that matter, and cutting others' unruly hair.

She's a writer, a sister, a daughter and a creative spirit. She can stand on one foot, wiggle her nose and tell you directions anywhere. Give her a Styrofoam takeout box, and she'll turn it into something you feel guilty throwing away, even after the last bite of leftover McAlisters. Give her a classroom full of fourth graders and she won't pull her hair out. Quotes are her poetry. Big smiles her offering.

She thinks she still has a lot to learn, but I think she is oh so wise.


robin said...

hey, you're a nice one :)
thank you for the good words

Anonymous said...

I think she is wise too... a wise woman!! word to the wise woman...word......

kat (i forgot my login info)