Monday, March 31, 2008

Something so very sad happened last week.

Something that makes my heart cringe.

And my ears burn.

And my tummy flipflop.

I broke...

I broke my camera.

Well, I broke my lens, tried to fix it, thought I had it, put it on the camera, it didn't work, and now it's stuck.

And now it's stuck.

Here's what happened: I was taking pictures on campus for work, was switching lenses, when the macro fell out of my hands. It broke into two pieces. Two. It's only supposed to be one piece.

Now, no more pictures. I have to mail it to a camera store. They estimate it will be 8-12 weeks before it's back in my home. Back in its home.



deep&blue said...

YOU DID WHAT?!?!?!?!?!


Lindsay Christine said...

That is so sad steph! Sorry I missed you this weekend. It was a sporadic weekend of fun though. I hear there's a camping trip that may happen in may. (May squared :-) Well, I love you...take lots of pics with your minds eye. Thank God for memory.