Sunday, August 26, 2007

After a four-miler, I stretched in the grass today.

I ran at the track and stretched on the football's 30-yard-line.

It smelled oh so nice.

It reminded me of being on swim team in Pflugerville.

Time warp:

I was in elementary school, the bathing suits were red and blue, and the leg slits cut clean to my hips. My brother wore a Speedo. We were the Piranhas.


I loved swimming but pretty sure I would have skipped the meets. They were held early Saturday mornings. It was hot and the time correlated negatively with the city's mow schedule. Since they mowed right before competition, the ants were nice and agitated; the dead grass would stick to anything wet.

And since we were swimming our whole bodies were wet.


I remember tents being set up out in the grass where people would relax before swimming their heat.

And I remember sitting statue-still to have the events in which I would compete written on my arm in permanent marker. Of all the memories I have of swimming team, those abbreviations -- and getting a chocolate and banana bomb pop from the concession stand -- are most vivid.

I loved having that list written on my arm. Don't know why. It could be because my dad did not like my brother and me to write on our hands. Maybe having nonsense written in PERMANENT marker all over my ARM made me feel rebellious.



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deep&blue said...

That's for people like me.

Go you.

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