Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Glee fits in a box.

A reeeeeeeeeealy big one.

Over the weekend, my mom, Chris and I went to Big Lots on a hunt for a couch.
When Alicia moved out, she took her couch and big comfy chair with her. And while we weren’t necessarily in dire need for a replacement couch, why not look for a good deal.

Why not, indeed?

Kate and I had gone casual couch/kitchen table shopping the week before. No luck for the both of us. So, Mom did a scout job for me at Big Lots. Mother load.

She told me about this cute little brown corduroy couch, (Sigh. Sounds lovely, I thought) and an oversized recliner (meh. Not so much).

Well, when we all went for a visit, I changed my mind about the oversized recliner. I sit. I smile. I recline. I sigh. I look at the tag… and gasp.

This chair’s official professional, order-it-out-of-a-catalogue name is…

Wait for it…

Its official name is the cuddler.

Open survey: everyone who thinks this chair was made for me based on name alone raise your hand.

*raises hand*

Oh my.

Chris delivered it to my house yesterday. I was still more excited to see him, but... THE CUDDLER HAD ARRIVED!!

The sucker is huge. Waaaay bigger than it appeared in the showroom… but, oh, how I love it.

Visit soon.
You can have the seat of honor.


Brittney said...

it does sounds like a chair MADE for you! thanks for the encouragement - yes, I am READY!

deepnblue said...

Um, photo please!

steph-a-ronie said...

oooh, yesyes... photo will be attached soon :-)

good thinking, my good thinker!

Kat said...

oooh i wanna sit i wanna sit!!!