Thursday, August 6, 2009

Today is Thursday. Chris comes in town Friday. I'll have visitors on Saturday. Ag Comm reunion (and Robin will be in town!!!!!!) on Sunday. Alicia graduates next Friday (her troop will be in town Thursday). Kassi's bridal shower hosted at Ravenwood is that Sunday.

Here's the plan to get everything clean and ready:

Today-- clean the bathroom, put sheets in wash, get groceries

Friday-- have dinner with Chris' aunt and uncle, perhaps finish the painting and retape doilies

Saturday-- make cookies and cake for Reunion, spend time with Meg and Bud

Sunday-- church, go over to Edith's to help get the food ready, HAVE FUN :-)

Monday-- set the decorating plan and colors, make list of materials, paint the back door

Tuesday-- get the materials (I think we're doing tissue pom flowers!)

Wednesday-- prep

Thursday-- prep

Friday-- get flowers, have house decorated for our grad!

Saturday-- get bro to come mow and edge

Sunday-- last minute details, and get the party started :-)

I'm going to be very good about taking pictures :-)

*on every week day, I'm going to work my bootie off at work so I don't have to bring anything home. I also need to make time to run.


deepnblue said...

Wow. No stress! If that list indludes tissue paper flowers, it's aaaaaaal good!

I wrote doog first. It's late.

steph-a-ronie said...

no stress here :-)

It was just helpful to write it out.