Thursday, August 20, 2009

A looooooooooooooong time ago, I took pictures of my sweet sweet Brianna girl and her not-yet-born babe.

These are some of my favorites...

Brianna is a pretty girl, isn't she?!?! Oh my, so pretty!!

If this was Facebook, I'd totally tag Addison. She's right there! Can you see her?

Girl pink :-)

And the wee little shoes Nigel got for Father's Day. I think they're Pumas. :-)

And that's her face! Oh My!! She's a looker, that Addison!

These green ones are my favorites...

I like these, too! Sigh. I've figured it out... Brianna, you are my favorite :-)

Sun glow :-)

I had fun. Thank you, Brianna.
Come on Addison.
I want to take pictures of you not in utero. :-)

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